Law Firm CRM

Be More Client Focused

A law firm CRM is a Client Relationship Management system. It is designed to help your firm build stronger relationships with prospective clients to maximize conversion rates, increase client satisfaction, and grow your revenues.

Using a law firm CRM will empower your firm to stay more connected to your new leads across each touch point from your website to your email, ensuring that no one slips through the cracks. It helps everyone at the firm collaborate and stay organized and improves communication with prospects throughout each phase of the client lifecycle.



Grow Revenues

Adopting a law firm CRM is one of the best ways to maximize your revenues. Using a CRM will ensure that every single lead gets tracked and streamline communications in order to increase the likelihood of retention.

Stay Organized

Keeping track of who said what to whom, when, and through what channel, is a major headache. Our law firm CRM is designed to help organize all the notes and communications with each prospect by centralizing them into one location where everyone at the firm has access.

Better Client Relationships

One of the biggest factors all clients use in deciding whether or not to hire a law firm is the quality of the communication. A law firm CRM keeps your entire firm focused so you stay on top of the communication and give each lead the attention it deserves.


Intake forms

Lead Tracking

Using spreadsheets or jotting down notes by hand is not a reliable way of keeping track of new leads. Our CRM makes lead tracking quick and easy, and allows you to tag each lead with a status and a referral source.

Matter Tracking

Managing contacts isn’t enough. A good law firm CRM will also help you keep track of each potential legal matter, and associate that matter with the appropriate contact(s).

Notes & Tasks

Each matter and contact has its own notes and tasks. Add notes to keep everyone up to date with the latest information, and assign tasks to ensure everything gets done on time.

Email Sync

Lexicata CRM syncs directly with your email account. This enables you to send out emails from custom, pre-drafted templates, and also pulls in all the email correspondence with each contact automatically. Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, SMTP, and all other major email systems are supported.

Client Intake Tools

Lexicata isn’t only the best law firm CRM, but it also has built-in tools to help your firm with client intake. Read more about our client intake features.

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